Hand Of Hope Therapeutic mental health and behavioral health services. Anne Arundel, Howard, and Prince George's County.

About Us

about us

We Are Hands Of Hope

Hands of Hope Therapeutic Services (HOHTS) is a licensed/accredited Mental Health agency established in 2020 by the CEO Alain Mayembe and COO Kenitha Mayembe. We are an organization that provides mental health professionals with experience in community support, wellness planning, problem-solving, socialization skills, symptom management, and coping strategies. Our treatment program is based on the Community Support Model and person-centered models of rehabilitation for adults. We provide both community-based and on-site services at the office.

Where we are going

Our Mission

Our mission at Hands of Hope Therapeutic Services, LLC is to promote growth and healing for adults who have been impacted by a mental health disability and substance abuse disorders. We follow the Community Support Model which focuses on recovery, having a qualify life, and being integrated into the community. ‘Recovery is a process not a miracle’ is our essential message.

What we strive for

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide consumer-centered, culturally competent, and a wholistic approach of care. To be a vital mental health program that assists in preventing development of mental health challenges and address the barriers of stigma, discrimination, and economic injustice to diverse populations. Staff recognition that our persons-served know more about themselves than we do. We will do all of this through utilizing evidence-based strategies in our services to adults; by enforcing staff training and self-care; community support/involvement all while continuing to strive for excellence in supporting mental health.

Core Values And Principles

Open-hearted, transparency, and valiancy to talk and understand the challenges of mental disability along with recognizing that you are not alone.
Hands of Hope Stand for:

Hope- The desire and trust that anything is possible when you put in the work.
Advocacy- Having an awareness of mental health issues and meeting the need of diverse populations.
Need- Providing treatment from a holistic treatment approach.
Determination- Giving attention to loved ones, care providers, and all those that are in support of working towards recovery.
Safety/Self-Directed Care- Consumer-directed in determining the community support needed to reach individual goals.  Knowing your triggers/warning signs for high-risk behaviors along with coping skills that can be utilized and practiced daily with the assistance of support staff and on your own.

Openness- To work towards change and be open to the worldview of those with mental illness.
Free Choice- To make your own positive choices.
Honor- Comprehensive mental and behavioral health services.
Opportunity- Provided with resources that focus not only on independence but financial independence.
Partnership- Collaborative work that supports people with mental health conditions to access and succeed in learning skills needed to reach their full potential.
Excellence- Continuous strive for high-quality services and working to improve the treatment of those with mental illness.

Our People

Meet the team

My Mental health career began once accepted into Frostburg State University where I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and was inducted into the National Scholars Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma, and Psi Chi Honor Society during my undergraduate studies.
I then attended Bowie State University in 2010 and graduated in 2014 with a major in Mental Health Counseling and concentration in Psychotherapy while maintaining the Dean’s list through my entire graduate studies. I have experience in mental health assessments, facilitating group counseling sessions, psychoeducation classes, and creating person centered treatment plans. I also have clinical experience in writing clinical narratives, mental health status exams, completing intake assessments, treatment planning, risk evaluation/safety planning and submitting authorizations to Optum for PRP services. I have been apart of PRP programs and other mental health programs that have all prepared me to start my own business in PRP.
Using my years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to serve the population of Anne Arundel County, MD and surrounding areas. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, being a mother to three beautiful children, and taking time to vacation with husband.

Alain Mayembe


I have been in the mental health over ten years, I started off In Nebraska where I worked with Mosaic as Certified Direct Support Assistant for four years, with Masonic Nursing Home as Certified Nursing Assistant for a couple years then I worked with Community alliance as Residential Rehabilitation Specialist for two years before I moved to Maryland in 2010.
I moved to Maryland in 2010 after the completion of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bellevue University, Nebraska. I started working with Psychotherapeutic Services in 2011 up to now. I started as PRN, to shift leader to Supervisor in six months then I moved up to coordinator, to program manager, and finally to Maryland program director. I am now ready to start my own program with my wife, using my years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to serve the population of Maryland and surrounding areas.

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