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How it works.
  1. Referral from treating provider (Licensed Mental Health Professional, Psychiatric Nurse, or Psychiatrist).
  2. Must be Medicaid Participant and can be verified through SSN, DOB, name, and Medicaid number (if known) provided on referral.
  3. Must meet the priority population diagnosis provided on referral form to be eligible for PRP services. If not sure if meet criteria or diagnosis is not listed referral source may contact us to discuss.
  4. Once eligibility is verified the intake specialist will be in contact to schedule assessment for PRP services along with completion of treatment plan goals.
  1. How To Know If PRP Services Is a Good Fit For Your Client?

    1. Is at risk for psychiatric hospitalization due to ongoing chronic mental illness.
    2. Inability to establish/maintain employment due to severe persistent mental illness.
    3. Inability to perform daily living skills such as medication management, transportation, basic housekeeping skills, etc…
    4. Deficiencies in self-direction.
    5. Chronic homelessness due to chronic mental illness and the inability to secure financial assistance.
    6. Need services such as psychosocial support and crisis intervention.
    7. Socially isolated and could benefit from classes on social skills.
      Community integration/finding and utilizing community resources.
    8. Not keeping up with or missing scheduled appointments with therapist/psychiatrist.
    9. Chronic medical conditions and the inability to practice good nutrition skills or could use support and guidance in how to better take care of physical health and sleep hygiene.
Fast and convenient
Select the referral form below; print, fill the form and fax it to 443-302-2545. Every field is required, please fill up all the program requirements. One of our intake specialists will contact you within 24 to 48 hours. Should you have any questions related to the referral program, please call us immediately at 443-494-8477.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal is to provide an individualized service and assist individuals with severe and persistent mental health issues to work towards developing emotional, social, and intellectual skills needed to be independent and fully integrated into the community. Services are provided at the office and in the community by trained professionals in the local area.

Medicaid Insurance is accepted only for PRP services. If unsure if eligible you may contact office to verify.

PRP services are authorized for 6 months. At the end of the authorization your goals will be reviewed by the Rehabilitation Direct Care Counselor and HOHTS may then request additional periods of services from your provider.

Services are provided to those residing in Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County and Howard County.

Is a program that promotes independent living skills in a group setting. The program covers areas such as hygiene, social skill building, recreational, and therapeutic activities. Topics may be chosen per persons-served request. The day program also assists individuals with developing mental health coping strategies. Groups are scheduled with Rehabilitation Direct Care Counselor and conducted in the community with others enrolled in day program groups or on-site at the office.

Currently, we only accept Medicaid but if person-served is a Medicare recipient please call us to further discuss

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